Ulivo D’Oro – Extra virgin olive oil

  • Area of production: production area Taburno
  • Exposure and altitude: hill territories, positioned to south – east at 300 on sea level
  • Olive Varieties: blend of local varieties, with prevalence: ortice, ortolana, leccino e racioppella.
  • Harvest period: november
  • Harvest Method and extraction system: The olives are picked from the plant when they are Perfectly ripe, by the traditional method of “brucatura” ( the olives are hand picked) which allows to select the best fruits; in the immediate aftermath, the olives are processed through a system of milling and separation by a continuous cycle system machinery.
  • Tasting notes: This oil has a brilliant green colour  with golden reflection. It shows an elegant fruity bouquet that is associated to a great fluidity to the palate.
  • Best served with: ideal with raw or steamed fish starters, shellfish, delicate first courses.
  • Notes: the extra virgin olive oil is a fully natural product, obtained by simply pressing the fruits. It does not contain preservatives.
  • For this reason the product requires particular care: it must be well preserved in a cool and dry place, away from direct light and heat sources. That is the best possible way to preserve every feature and quality for a long time.

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